Monday, March 19, 2007

Thank heaven for frogs

I was destined to be a knitter. Both my Maternal Grandmother and I shared Frog as a Totem animal. However, the rest of my energy menagerie varied differently from hers.

This morning I wished I could *frog* the first hour. I am in the middle of packing to move from one temporary housing to another. This consists of first packing everything I can *do without* for 2 or 3 weeks. Then pulling out everything that is mine (vs the rental agency) so that I won't forget it and living in the resultant clutter. Aargh. I will find a better way someday.

So I get up this morning, moving slowly because I fell down the stairs yesterday, make an egg, can't find the greek spice (it's packed). And decide *oh well, I have t-b-sco and I like that on eggs. Better on hashbrowns with catsup but... So I reach in the fridgie - doing 3 things at once, and promptly put Soy Sauce on the eggs. Alrighty then.

What does this have to do with knitting? Well, I finished my grey socks last night. The ones that I had originally frogged back because of design issues? So I knit them using a whole different new design. Yes, well, too flippin big! Gnashing teeth.

I had to decide, throw them in a drawer and ignore them? Try to find a gifter for them? Bite the bullet and rip Again?

After this morning, I opted for Ripping, this is because, while they are just socks, and I have oodles of other UFOs, this is something I can Control. While I may not like ripping, and the yarn is looking a little tattered, I can decide to fit these socks just so.

I may not be ready to take on the Universe, but G-d/dess knows I'm armed with DPNs.


Jennifer said...

Bummer! Ripping, although disappointing, is almost always the best choice.

Jeanne said...

I seem to go through phases where everything I touch is either good or something that needs to be frogged - sounds like you are going through the same thing! But socks that are too big is never a good thing..!

Caroline in NH said...

I just went through that with some Lorna's Laces purple stripey yarn and the Jaywalker pattern - then with a different pattern, then with some J.Knits yarn. My 4th or 5th try worked out... hang in there! (I *will* go back to that purple LL and make it work!)

ChelleC said...

Oh Elysbeth! It sounds like you're just having one of those weeks. Eee gads. Here's wishing you a weekend where your socks progress and your eggs have tobasco sauce instead of soy sauce.