Sunday, March 04, 2007

Getting caught up.

Look at the gathering of wheels. Crikey!

I gate crashed a Genesee Valley HandSpinners Guild meeting in Feb. and encountered several fabulous people. Spinners are very generous in the sharing of knowledge and quite encouraging.
They were having their annual Spin In meeting. As you can see, it was well attended. There was even a Norm Hall wheel there. I did not take my wheel, but I had the ubiquitous knitting and made good progress on the back of my Vogue Cardigan.

The Rochester NY Yarn Crawl was very successful. We ate fatty foods after careful hoarding of the WW points (not me, someone with more discipline than me). We went to three Rochester stores, each with a different flavour. I wanted the new knitter to get the feel for how different the stores can be. We were *again* snubbed and ignored at the store with the higher end yarns (will they never learn), greeted warmly and helped just the right amount by the mid range store, and got lots of ideas in one store that has many samples but not yarns of my lifestyle. I actually feel rather bad about the last store, I have been several times, they are very helpful and friendly, but it's just not a match for me. A wide variety of high end Novelty yarn. I prefer flamboyant ideas to eye catching dress. Secondary to that, I wear civvies so rarely that I need classics.

What are the fuzzy caterpillars? Since we had to drive 80 miles to do the Yarn Crawl, we - being practical women - ran our errands as well. Grocery store for unavailable ingredients, Electronic store for returns, Craft store for notions, and Chain store - starts with T ends with t - for household stuff including two self cleaning dog brushes that made nice beginner hand cards for my first rolags. Yay, cheering, throw confetti. The self cleaning option on the brushes let me get my fiber off without vigorous doffing. The fiber is a Superwash from Leah in my Want to Believe group.

I did not break my yarn diet on the crawl. I did pick up a pattern and several back issues of Spin Off however. And humilated myself by accidentally breaking a high end sock needle. I was feeling it for sproingy-ness (since the new Bryspuns are NOT the old Bryspun dpns) and it snapped! But the yarn store lady said Lantern Moon was very good about replacements. Pheew, because they were $22.00. That will teach me not to fondle expensive needles.

The KFYS 2007 is going well indeed. TAO bought me sock yarn for Valentines. I purchased Malabrigo and Debbie Bliss odd balls to finish UFOs, and roving to expand a project. Of course, it is only March.

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ChelleC said...

Your yarn crawl sounds like a blast! I wish I could have gone, but alas, being on a regular diet is bad enough, I think the temptations there would have been my undoing. Congrats on sticking to your yarn diet.