Sunday, September 09, 2007

And she Scores!

I should have gone to Shul friday night. It would have been cheaper. But I decided to hit KnitFest at Linda's Shop and go to Shul on Saturday. I did not spend money friday night...but only because I couldn't think of the right pattern for a new yarn line they got in and consequently didn't know how much to buy. I am the first to arrive and Linda says "we'll be sparse tonight because most people are getting ready for Kitchener tonight." "What's that?" And that would be how I ended up in a caravan at 6:45 am Saturday instead of Shul. It was all great fun except the part where I had a big blood sugar crash and was an arse. (Embarrassed)

I sighted Stephanie Pearl-Mcphee as just a shopper. Wow! No I didn't approach her, even Rock Stars need a life.

I was fairly restrained in the purchasing. That was challenging I tell ya' There were oodles of Canadian yarns and so much Dream in Colour Smooshy. But I am working on facing the limitations of my hands and thought tormenting myself with Untouchable Art would be a bad idea.

I did however pick up this....
Merino DK as the base to a pair of Fair Isle mittens that I am going to make for Myself. I have only purchased roving from these ladies before and it's always been lovely.
And to pair with my mittens, the souvenir yarn that drove the price of these mittens into the Luxury category...Aquarius but it's my souvenir right?!? As you can see, the yarn looks nothing like the shade card. I think it will be so much fun to knit against that deep blue. (Thanks Jen for the help picking the background)

Then there was the little fall down at the Shelridge Farms booth. Lucy Neatby DVDs I justified these by figuring each is more than 2 hours, and a class would be as much. And I never make it to classes. And, if I watch them and don't care for them I can trade them through one of the guilds, and and... Of course, I didn't even come to the realisation that her yarn cost more than one DVD until this morning. I picked up Essentials 1 & 2, and Gems 2. I chose these over the more advanced options because I feel that the better I can do the basics, the more choices I'll have. I didn't get the sock ones because, again, reality....okay.

The big score was almost not. By that I mean, I saw this on the shelf. I had recently drooled all over the library copy but wasn't certain I needed a copy of my own. (stop snickering). Then I got my paws on it and thought, yeah actually. Then the memory of a recent Ravelry discussion drifted across my mind. Didn't someone say this book was OOP and $44.00? So I picked it up for $23.00. Then when I got home I checked...during the forum discussion it was $74. And you can see what it is now. Chortle Chortle.

I plan to go to Hemlock next week. And SOAR in October. It's been a good fibre year. Now I have to go clean for Rosh and start packing to leave Buffalo. (After I ball up my yarn)


Jennifer said...

Beautiful yarn purchases, and yay you for snagging a copy of that book! Very nice addition to your library indeed!

Wendy said...

did you read the Yarn Harlot's blog? she didn't quite pay for the things you saw her buying - a bit of a credit card disaster, apparently.

Have a Happy New Year!