Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What and another year already?

So today is Erev Rosh Hashanah. After sundown there will be a lovely service that I am too sick to attend and then the 10 days of teshuvah begin culminating in Yom Kippur. In looking back at the year I did much better than last year (I think) and have fewer people that I am consciously aware that I need to apologise to. If there's someone that I offended without realising, please accept that I did it in ignorance, tiredness, or stress and I apologise for it.

Of course, providing I will be inscribed in the Book of Life for another year, I would like to live my actions with a better direction than the previous years. Which led to considering...what's better? And at what point is it enough? This reminded me of a post done by Chelle, in which she describes finding One Word to use as a compass for the year. Into my bloglines popped Zen Habits post How Much? with a definition of Enough that includes enough to live, and enough to be happy, and enough to thrive.

I especially have issues with Enough. Growing up in an unstable environment, then living as a self-supporting runaway, Enough has been a key compass in how I base decisions. However, I've been so busy trying to get There that I've missed the fact that "There" is now "Here". In fact, I may have slept through the stop and overshot the station. Good thing I have a vacation with The Adored One planned in 22 days. We're staying at a little resort in Michigan, I'll spend 3 of the days at SOAR and we'll spend 4 days, 7 nights relaxing. In fact, a lot of people ask what are you going to Do? They are puzzled when I say "Nothing, the whole point is...Nothing. No working on the house, no patients, no inspections, Nothing." Just being away and together is Enough.

So this year I'm going to relax a little, realise I have enough, I am enough, and enjoy it all more.

I hope to see all of you along the way.


ChelleC said...

Oh what a moving post. You are so "right on" with that. I love your word. "Enough" says it all.

I hope you and the Adored One spend those wonderful relaxing days adoring each other and appreciating the "enoughness" of it all.

Happy New Year 5768! Chelle

tina said...

Great post! I think that we all struggle with 'enough-ness' and I've been noodling that concept as well. I know for dip dog sure that I require (want?) less than I used to. It took a while though...........

May your words and wisdom cause enlightenment!