Thursday, June 05, 2008

Back to the changes

You may recall I said I was going to Zumba for the rest of the 100. So I looked around and since I am in a large Metro area for the next two months, I decided to try the BaskinRobins of Zumba. A class here, a class there. For instance, on Saturday, I got my rear kicked by a 53 year old instructor. And it was a completely different flavour than the 29 year old on Tuesday. The instructor I love, Betty, loaned me the 2005 DVDs. Yuck! But I climbed out on the limb and bought the 2008 DVDs. Very Fun! I think the classes are still the best, because even with the same instructor, they change. So you can't worry about dishes, work, budgets, because you are TOO busy.

To go with the exercise I have made some food changes. I gave up one of my favorite foods two weeks ago. Cold turkey. Now I wonder. I gave it up because it had ingredients that I "should" give up. But it was also one of those foods that I had muscle tested in St. Louis, and had no negative testing for. continue or not? I mentioned to TAO that no positive changes had resulted and he said "Go buy some" and I usually buy it on sale so that a 3 month supply is $27.00. But when I went to the Grocery and saw that it was $3.99 for a weeks worth, I put it back. I have also been adding (not subtracting) foods. More veggies, more fiber. These, of course, are filling and should cut back on other eating.

What's the upshot? Clean living is not the reward everyone makes it out to be. I have gained weight and, after a month of calls to TAO saying "I'm on my way to Zumba, coming home from Zumba, whatever" we have the following conversation...
TAO Just tell me straight, are you having an affair?
Me What?!? Let me pull over. Now, What?!?
TAO Well, every time I talk to you lately you are going to work out. You Hate working out. You hate to Sweat. You hate aerobics. So I thought maybe you were hiding something.
Me Please look at the credit card bill, there will be a fee for the gym, the shoes, the bra. (I didn't mention the videos, Shhh)
Me Besides, this is YOUR fault.
TAO Why does the man always get the blame in a relationship?
Me You're the one who decided to take up bodybuilding for your midlife crisis. I wanted to relax in our 40s, but NO, You had to raise the bar. Now I can't become a slug, because you're looking Fine. So this is your fault.
TAO Well, at least it's good for you.


ChelleC said...

You gave me a real laugh this morning when I read your post about the roadside conversation with TAO. Oh my gosh, that's good. I did only a couple of sessions of Zumba last Spring and it is a real workout. Wow! I admire you doing it. I bet it will get you in really fine shape - the weight gain must be temporary water weight or something.

Jennifer said...

Love the convo with TAO, very funny! You know muscle weighs more than fat, so maybe the weight gain is all muscle.

PBW said...

I like the idea of adding (better for you) food vs. subtracting foods.

Zumba look really tough, I admire you for sticking it out.