Thursday, June 12, 2008

Canarysitting Cat.

Results in tiny feathers stuck in teeth.

A while back I made the following Claim about delayed yarn purchase. But back on March 1, 2008 I had encountered:

Handmaiden CamelSpin
300m of creamy fluffy yumminess. It's pricey (Camel being the big clue there, eh) and the shop only had a couple of skeins with no plans to buy more until winter. But I kept thinking how lovely that would feel against the throat on a cold, dark, Wisconsin winter day. And the squeezing of the skein became a seduction. Afterall, yarn like this would not only keep my throat warm but make me taller and thinner too.

So I figure that although I haven't finished the list, I have finished the April socks, Crocus Pocus shawl, BlackHearted Rose, and Wicked. In addition I am making slow progress on Smoking for TAO. (Enough progress that it is no longer walking around knitting.) Hence...guilt free Stash Enhancement. I have a couple of design ideas burbling around in my head, and swatching planned, because Silk/Camel is too precious to be treated lightly.

(The Rising Phoenix may never happen, I have GOT to face reality about fine silk and my joints.)

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Jennifer said...

Oooo, that looks luscious!