Sunday, June 01, 2008

I won!

Leah, the talented dyer at Yarn or A Tale has a "name the colourway" contest. And for May I suggested the elusive Blue Bellied Roller. I saw a pair of these little birds at the National Aviary and was charmed by their colours. I think she did a great job of translating the colours into fiber. Of course I had to buy some of her "Winter Leaf" to enjoy as well. I've picked up fiber from her in the past and have enjoyed it immensely. I suggest you stop by either her main site or her Etsy store and drool over what she does with colour.


Jennifer said...

Oooo, very nice!

ChelleC said...

Love it! And what a cute creative name you came up with. Congrats. Have a "winning" week. Errr. Bad pun.