Friday, June 20, 2008

I confess...

I ripped it. No one is surprised eh? Then I cast on thinner - still weird puddling only it became almost exactly green on half and blue on the other half. Ripped that after 8 inches, cast on wider, nice colour blending but Too Wide. I think that I am going to have to work an entirely different design than I originally intended. Thwarted by a dye pattern!

Unfortunately, I seem unable to just set this ball down and walk away. I keep picking at it. I fear that if I walk away it will become an expensive stash ball.

I am splurging on Saturday. I plan to fritter away some petrol by driving to see an alpaca farm near my boss' house. The lady has 28 alpaca and future plans to open a fibre mill. Camera is charged and ready to go.

Life has been busy and full of changes. Yesterday was my daughter's birthday. Gee, she would be how old? That would make me... Oh. Hmmn.

I've let my plate become very full again, and plan to use the drive Sat. morning to organise my thoughts, and Saturday evening to organise my flat because the new Year of Lace kit will arrive soon. Then Sunday will be for coma mind.


Jennifer said...

Sometimes it's just best to rip and try again. I hope you find a suitable stitch pattern! It really is gorgeous yarn.

ChelleC said...

E - hugs about your daughter's BD.

The yarn is beautiful, and I totally understand about your wanting to turn it into something before it turns to the dreaded . . . more stash.