Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Little things

(That used to be in smaller sizes).

When I was much younger I wore what a lover called "Minimalist Underwear". I definitely know they were a smaller size.
Then, when I started wearing white scrub pants I had to switch to a full bottom white brief. In part because I have a tattoo that showed through and in part because I think red undies shining through white pants looks tacky. (For the record...I have nothing against public tattoos, I put mine in a private place and like to keep it that way).
Yup, Granny Butts for the past decade. Sigh.

When I came across 3 packs of Hanes on the clearance endcap in my size for $1.25 a pack I decided -for that price- I could try string bikinis.

Low rise is certainly a change. Sadly they make me very aware of my little pooch that is now more exposed to the world. And the seam in one pair of scrubs rubs the backside. Ouch! I spent the day muttering "100 days of change? I'll show you change, just let me get home and change my pants!"


Jennifer said...

I actually prefer low rise, as it cuts into my stomach less when I'm bending over. Undergarments preferences are certainly a individual taste!

melanie said...

Man, when the underwear doesn't work, the whole day is shot! The cut beyond my understanding is the thong...but then, I'm more for comfort than style...

PBW said...

I'm finding your 100 days so inspiring!

I just may be able to give up my granny panties too...well, maybe.