Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The universe gave a little nudge.

I was trying to decide if any of the past few days worth of "Change" were worth the mention when I received today's
The Next 45 years in my mailbox.

Several things in the list were well spoken but #13:
"Happiness is the ultimate risk."
seemed to put its finger exactly on the pulse of my thoughts. Related in part to #15.

Most of these changes are tiny, really small, and it seems self absorbed to even consider blogging about them. But while the actions are small, the purpose is large...To step away from what I currently do very well, and do something else entirely.

None of these changes have actually had to do with skills needed in the new field. Underwear and eyeshadow don't impact the client. Except, that they do. We all like to do business with someone enjoying their work, someone competent, and, in a creative field...someone who shines.

In one of the stuffed pockets of my labcoat, I lost my inner zip. It wasn't something that got a lot of sunshine in my younger years, and it's a fragile nebulous thing. Now is not the time to whisk it out and expose it to UV light, but I can nurture it with little changes and build a good root system.

The type of roots that say "Yes, the black is nice, but do you have it in a Print or Celery or Bourbon? I know just where I'm wearing it to."

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Jennifer said...

Happiness is the ultimate risk. That's a funny thing to think about, but most of the adults I know have at least a small problem with it.