Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's day Goodies

AKA - Gluttony

If you are thinking this
looks a lot like a bag I own, you would be correct. TAO picked up the Saddle Brown hue for me via The Loopy Ewe I am quite pleased. It's not your standard brown bag hue. It has lighter tones of orange/rust to it. On Saturday I saw a Lime Laguna in the wild and enjoyed that colour as well.

When the Ewe sent a confirmation email I may have called and added a skein of yarn.

(TAO said I could.) It's
Duet Sock Yarn Middy in Cinnamon Dulce colour. And slated to be a beadless
Crocus Pocus with the heel yarn planned for the outside edging.


Kim said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate Mother's Day - Good for you!

ChelleC said...

That bad is absolutely gorgeous!! I love it. You will carry it with much enjoyment, I'm sure.

The saddle is a lovely color and perfect for you. So glad TAO bought it for you.

PBW said...

I LOVE that bag! The saddle color is so rich and classy.