Monday, May 19, 2008

On the 8th day

There was a recap:

Why was I doing 100 days?
Something about being able to break habits and mess up now, when it doesn't matter
When the Production goes live...just think

I need to get out more.

Actually I've learned some interesting things in only a week. For instance, this hair colour doesn't look good on me, it makes me look pale in a "Victorian Vapors" sort of way. This is one advantage to grey hair, it fades quickly.

Breaking out of the mold can be done in so many ways. I am a food cook. Some people are bakers. Some are foodies. I do not bake well (lots of ingredients, tiny amounts, precision measuring - Nope). I do however make enchiladas that tickle the taste buds, a secret onion dip that brings TAO to his knees, a sour cream lime pie that sends me home with a clean pan, and can always feed an extra person no problem. While it wasn't exactly baking I opted to make
Sheri's Banana Pudding for the work crew. I did substitute one pack of vanilla pudding for cheesecake flavoured pudding instead. It's always iffy taking a new recipe into the world. What if it flops? It can feel so personal. But I am doing it anyway.

I have decided that part of my future image will include someone who likes to be active and trim. So I have loaded my library request list with a wide variety of exercise videos. I vaguely enjoyed The Bollywood Dance Workout. Failed miserably at "Hip Hop for Kids" How embarrassing is that? It's geared for ages 8 to 12 and was too complex for my rigid self. How many lefts can one person have? The more I think about it the more I want to see video that shows the feet, if you're trying to dance, why should I care what your cleavage is doing? That was something I always enjoyed about the
Marilu Henner Dancerobics. She always showed the steps so well.

I checked out a knitting book from the library recently. All I have nice to say is "They used real people for the models." When I took the book back, the librarian - who crochets- asked what I thought of it...
"Should be PG 13 rated"
So I pointed out the micromini which is being worn by the designers Niece. There is definite "cheekiness" in the rear view. Then she says something about the red fun fur leggings, so we had to go through the book together. It was a change- usually I find at least ONE thing I would make, if not for me, for someone else.

Oh, and I found a new way Not to do my eyeshadow.


Jennifer said...

A Bollywood dance workout? Oh, I have to check that out. I've been looking for exercise DVD's lately too. Of course I also need to stretch badly. I can barely reach my kneecaps when I bend over to try to touch my toes.

JessaLu said...

Red fun fur leggings? *speechless*