Tuesday, May 27, 2008

NOT apple bottom jeans

But not hideously matronly either. Actually the photo is unflattering in angle and lighting but this whole photo-graph-yourself-thingy is tricky.

The pattern is Wicked. The yarn is Swish in asparagus. I'm probably one of the last people in North America to knit it. According to Ravelry I started it March 20, 2008 and finished it May 27, 2008. By no means monogamously.

There were small modifications - all made to increase shaping and play up my assets. I had yardage concerns so I knit the 3/4 length sleeves after finishing the "yoke" portion. Then to make the pattern more portable I tucked the sleeves inside the body and tied it up Shetland style. Made it very easy to pull in and out of bags. However, this technique does make it impossible to show the project to people or to lay it out and look at the whole thing without some manevuering.

I enjoyed it immensely and can foresee making it again. But I guess I should finish some other things first, eh?


Kim said...

It looks great on you. You aren't the last person to knit it, either...it's been in my queue for awhile now ; )

tina said...

No, you are definitely not the last to knit it, it is in my queue as well and probably needs to age there quite a bit more, yes indeed.

It looks fabulous on you, I love the 3/4 length sleeves, perfection, and I love Swish too.


Jennifer said...

It looks beautiful on you! Brava!

ChelleC said...

Wonderful job. And don't you look lovely in it?

JessaLu said...

It looks wonderful on you! :o)

Leah said...

It looks awesome and you look awesome in it :) I behind you on the whole "jump on the cool pattern bandwagon" so you're not alone girlfriend!